Which j1 Insole is Right for You?

We make quality j1 Insoles for a variety of conditions and desired comfort levels.

Why are there two types of j1 Insoles?

Feet walking down roadFor the same reason there are different types of eyeglasses for near-sighted and far-sighted people. There are two basic types of feet – flat feet and average/high arched feet. Approximately 25% of the population are born with flat feet. However, another 10-15% of the population's arches will fall enough that they will need the correction that j1 Insoles for flat feet provide. If you are not sure, check out this video...

Flat Feet

flat feetj1 Insoles for flat feet are a patented 3-point design to provide a support system specifically for flat feet. When non-weight bearing, if you look in the arch area, you will see an arch. However, when standing, if your arch flattens out and/or if you can make your ankles roll in then you have a flexible flat foot. Meaning you have an arch but the arch collapses or pronates when standing and thus your arch flattens out. j1 Insoles for flat feet are designed for people with flexible flat feet to bring your arch back up to neutral and also correct the foot in all 3 areas- heel, arch and forefoot. Many OTC supports will not have any arch support thus not correcting the flexible flat foot. Some supports will only correct in the arch and this will make it feel like a rolled up sock in the arch and that is why it is necessary to correct in all 3 areas of the foot. Ways to tell if you have flat feet (pronate) are:

  • Have you ever tried other arch supports and they feel like a rolled up sock in the arch?
  • When you put weight on your foot, does your ankle roll in?
  • Do you wear your shoes down on the inside of the shoe?
  • When your feet are wet, do you leave the full imprint of your foot?
  • Has a medical professional told you that you have flat feet?
  • If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from j1's Insoles for flat feet. Also, you can see the video that shows you how to assess your arches.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from j1 Insoles for flat feet.

Average Arches

Average ArchesIf you have average/high arches and having pain, you can benefit from the extra support of j1 Insoles. Our line of specially designed insoles that gently hold your feet in the proper position for comfortable walking, running or standing. Our customers love how j1 Insoles for average arches truly support the arch, they are the most supportive OTC support you will find.

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j1 Insoles are a medical-grade arch support that provides all of the benefits of custom prescription orthotics at a fraction of the cost.
For All Types of Feet


Even if you don’t have flat feet, you can still benefit from j1 Insoles. Due to overwhelming demand, we have developed a j1 Insole especially for High and Average arches. We also have Slims that slip under your shoes' insoles and a line of j1's for children called j1 Juniors.
For All Types of Feet
Extremely Durable


The medical-grade shell is made of the same durable plastic used in prescription orthotics, but it’s semi-flexible to allow the foot its natural motion. The closed-cell EVA top cover withstands moisture, has memory and does not break down easily.
Extremely Durable