j1 Juniors

Common foot and leg problems children may have are:

  • Intoeing
  • Heel pain (Sever's Disease)
  • Toe walking
  • Leg aches
  • Knee/back pain

Majority of children who have any of these problems have flat feet. Many parents are told the "growing pains" their child is experiencing will eventually go away. However, many times the pain is associated with the child's flat feet and j1 Insoles can just be the solution the child needs.

j1 Juniors are more rigid than the adult sized j1 Insoles and they also come with a deeper heel cup to provide more control. At $35, j1 Juniors are the most affordable as compared to prescription orthotics and most effective insoles on the market.

j1 Juniors come in 7 sizes starting at Toddler size 4. The 7 sizes are JA Toddler 4-6, JB Toddler 6-8, JC Toddler 8-10, JD Toddler 10-12, JE Toddler 12-13, JF Kids 1-2 and JG Kids 3-4. When deciding what size of j1 Juniors is needed, always choose the upper size; ie. if your child wears a size 6, we recommend getting the JB size 6-8.

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j1 Insoles are a medical-grade arch support that provides all of the benefits of custom prescription orthotics at a fraction of the cost.
For All Types of Feet


Even if you don’t have flat feet, you can still benefit from j1 Insoles. Due to overwhelming demand, we have developed a j1 Insole especially for High and Average arches. We also have Slims that slip under your shoes' insoles and a line of j1's for children called j1 Juniors.
For All Types of Feet
Extremely Durable


The medical-grade shell is made of the same durable plastic used in prescription orthotics, but it’s semi-flexible to allow the foot its natural motion. The closed-cell EVA top cover withstands moisture, has memory and does not break down easily.
Extremely Durable