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Why J1 Insoles?



J1 Insoles are a medical grade arch support that provides all of the benefits of custom prescription orthotics at a fraction of the cost!

For All Types Of Feet

J1 Insoles were originally designed specifically for flat feet. Due to overwhelming demand you can now get J1 Insoles for High/Average arches too. So, no matter what type of feet you have, there are J1 Insoles for you!

Extremely Durable

J1 Insoles are made of medical grade material that is very supportive and durable, not just foam like other inserts use. J1 Insoles also provide extra cushion in the heel. The top cover is made of a closed cell EVA material that withstands moisture, has memory and does not break down easily.

Patented Design

J1 Insoles Patented design is the only generic arch support on the market that provides pain relief and arch support in all three of your foot's critical areas. (more…)

Designed By a Podiatrist

J1 Insoles were developed by Lorri Riley, DPM. Dr. Riley is a podiatrist in Spearfish, SD and has been practicing for more than 20 years. Dr. Riley herself has flat feet and has always wanted to provide a generic arch support for people with flat feet that are affordable and actually work.

Made in the USA

J1 Insoles are a high quality American made product. Made in South Dakota. With pride.

The J1 Exclusive Design

When walking you push off with this area of the foot. J1's for flat feet have an exclusive design in this area to level the foot and properly align the ligaments for your next step.
This is the arch area of the foot. J1's arch-support area is specifically designed with just the right amount of support.
When walking this is the first point of impact. J1's are cushioned here just enough to help the heel absorb the shock of each step. Too much padding can actually lead to irritation and ligament damage.

3-Point Arch Support System

J1 Insoles are the only generic arch support on the market today to provide pain relief and support in all three of your foot’s critical areas.

Hover over the targets to learn more.

Where Do Your Feet Hurt?

Plantar Fasciitis
The plantar fascia runs from the ball of the foot and attaches into the heel bone. When the arches fall, this tendon is stretched.
Heel Spurs
you can experience pain on the bottom, back or sides of the heel from the plantar fascia and/or achilles tendon pulling on the heel bone irritating the bone causing spurs. This is due to the arches flattening out and the heel having too much movement.
Shin Splints
Shin Splints, knee and/or back pain can be due to your arches falling. When the arch falls and the ankles roll in, the tendons pull away from their attachment to the bones in the leg causing shin splints. The leg also internally rotates causing your knees to twist and put stress on the back and neck.
Pain at the base of the toe is usually a sign of bunions.
Morton's Neuroma
Pain on the outside of the foot can mean your feet are flattening out. It can also be an indication for Morton's Neuroma.

Your feet are your foundation.

When they hurt, they’re trying to tell you something.

Point to the areas where your feet hurt most and find out what the pain messages mean. Then click to learn more about how J1 Insoles’ exclusive arch support system can help your feet, ankles, knees and even lower back feel better the natural way.


Do You Have Flat Feet?

*Video:flat feet test

Not sure what foot type you have?

A simple test as demonstrated by Dr. Lorri Riley, DPM, and inventor of J1 Insoles, in the video to the right, can help you determine if you have flat feet or average/high arches.

Knowing what foot type you have makes it easy to choose whether J1 Insoles for Flat Feet or J1 Insoles for Average/High Arches would be best for you.

What people think of J1 Insoles


Now that I have my J1 Insoles I can finish the entire hike instead of having to turn back when my feet started hurting. I would certainly recommend J1 Insoles to a friend.


I am on my feet most of the day at the shop. With my J1 Insoles my foot pain is gone and the day just seems to go by faster.


“I was having horrible shin splints until I started using j1’s!”

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